Coffee is an everyday staple for most people around the globe, but traditional blends are not known for having health benefits.

Now, through the innovation of our team at Kafelina, we have produced the world’s first ever algae blended coffee.

Enjoy delicious, smooth, and rich flavours while boosting your health with every sip. We boast a variety of expertly crafted blends that have different flavours, but each one is encapsulated in biodegradable compostable capsules.

By blending A3-Max™ Spirulina Algae Formula with high quality coffee, you will receive all the benefits of our superfood. It is a fantastic dietary supplement for everyone, including those who have vegan or vegetarian diets.

As well as being healthy for our bodies, these coffee blends are healthy for the environment as they are packaged in recycled materials.

Discover information about the tastes and health benefits of our individual blends below.